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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 4 Pro EU

  • Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 4 Pro EU
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Nine performance enhancements for a whole new experience - Classic design with more powerful power for a more comfortable ride.
The design of the Xiaomi 4 Pro electric scooter is made of an incredibly strong aviation aluminum alloy, so it is very durable and lightweight. The electric scooter uses brand new Xiaomi DuraGel tires, which are tubeless and have a self-sealing layer, so you don't have to worry about punctured wheels. With larger 10" tires, you'll be better able to absorb bumps when driving on bumpy roads. Your ride will be smoother and more comfortable. Double-press the power button to switch speed mode and set the speed that's best in your situation.

More power

Maximum power of 700W for easier and more comfortable driving
Pitch angle up to 20%
Maximum speed up to 25 km/h, range 45 km
Security insurance

Fully meets EN17128:2020 and UL standards, provides much safer driving
Portable design

Sleek, portable and secure
Minimalist design, aviation aluminum alloy of the main body of the scooter
Folding takes only 3 seconds
Connection with the Xiaomi Home app

After pairing the scooter with your phone via Bluetooth, you can check the speed of the ride and the remaining energy in real time
Dual braking system

Improved double-acting disc brake on the rear wheel improves handling efficiency; in conjunction with E-ABS on the front wheel, the braking distance is much shorter
Self-sealing tyre

10-inch self-sealing tires effectively absorb shocks and prevent slipping, self-repair coating better protects the tire and reduces the likelihood of air leakage or rupture
Energy recovery

Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) recovers the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle during prolonged braking
Convenient charging

Magnetic charging port and port cover

Rated power: 350W
Max. speed: 25 km/h
Tires: 10" self-sealing tire
Weight: 16.5 kg
Battery capacity: 12,400 mAh 474 Wh
Compatibility: Android 4.3 or iOS 9.0 and later
Driving distance: 45 km
Max. load: 120 kg
Dimensions: 1 198 × 484 × 1 240 mm
Display: LED display with speed/ battery/ status/ mode
Wireless: Bluetooth 4.1 BLE and later
Package Contents: Electric Scooter, Battery Charger, T-Shaped Allen Wrench, Extension Nozzle, Screw × 5, User Manual, Specifications, Important Information

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